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I'm Sarah, owner of Sarah Renee Photography. I currently live in Lakewood, Colorado, with my husband, two amazing kids, and fur babies. My happiness comes from spending time outdoors, finding a healthy balance between my work and family life, and being present for the important moments in my children's lives.

I've always noticed the beautiful moments, like photographs, that perfectly capture the entirety of the emotion and the experience. Photography allows me to capture and share your beautiful moments. The emotions we get from looking at a photograph can be more powerful than the emotions experienced at the time the photograph was taken. We often romanticize the past, and I think there is value in that. Whether I'm witness to the pure love in the eyes of new parents holding their newborn or the unbridled energy of a seventeen year old, my goal is always the same: to capture images that perfectly communicate the emotion of this moment in your life.

Clients choose me to document the important moments and people in their lives because they want beautiful and authentic images—all without the stress that typically comes with a photoshoot. My sessions are FUN! We'll goof around, hike in the woods, splash in the creek, blow bubbles, chase dogs, and lay on blankets under Colorado skies. My clients describe me as extremely approachable, patient, and fun. I am really good at making people feel comfortable in front of the camera — or at least making them laugh hard enough that they forget they are in front of the camera. I love what I do, and it shows! 

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